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When i go to uninstall a program i notice i have like 10 diff installs of Microsoft Visual C++ with diff years or updates but the latest one installed is it safe to remove the previous installs and just keep the latest? not sure why i need all these except one..

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    My opinion, If those installations are not doing any harm for you, you can just leave it.

    Each application has its own version of C++ in its installation package,
    Eg: AMD Catalyst control center, Windvd etc..

    the uninstallation may or may not cause any harms to programs.
  2. ok thanks, yah i figure the latest should cover all apps installed correct? i dont have any problems right now but just trying to cleanup anything i dont need.
  3. If you dont have any problems after uninstalling older versions, then cheers..
    Have fun.. Enjoy..
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