Constant XP freezing

Swapped around some hardware 2-3 weeks ago and as such had to format. Chucked Windows 7 on and it worked great for a while until i got constant reboot loops and blue screens. As a test, i chucked on my copy of 32x XP Home to see if it was a problem with hardware, or with the OS (ie. caused by an installation error).

All works fine except for one thing - i get random freezes. It is random and occurs sometimes in Firefox, explorer, and even ingame. Everything becomes frozen except for my mouse (all i can do is move it), so it is not possible to check CPU/RAM usage. If i leave it frozen for roughly 10 mins, it blue screens, but usually i have no choice but to reboot every time it freezes - sometimes up to 12 times per hour. Even more strange is that it leaves no logs at all in event viewer.

Yes i know a re-format would clear some things up, but i need to get a new HDD first to save my data; all my others are full. I AM getting a new 1TB on monday, and will do a format then, but just looking for an alternative for the moment.

All drivers are up to date, including BIOS which i recently updated to the latest. Hard drive works fine because it is what i was using prior to swapping the CPU/mobo/RAM and i've never had any problems. CPU/RAM fsb ratio is 1:1 and i have turned off speed step. I am at wits end trying to figure this out without having to swap out parts (assuming it is hardware related). Are there any known compatibility issues with having 4 cores and 4GB of RAM on a 32x OS?

System specs :

Q6600 stock - not overclocked
2x 2GB Corsair Dominator PC8500 - at 266mhz to match CPU bus
Asus striker ii formula - updated BIOS, speedstep (and C1E) disabled
620W Cooler Master "Real Power" modular PSU
Asus 8800GT 512MB - Latest drivers, never had any previous problems
320GB Seagate Barracuda - Also never had any problems
Windows XP Home x32 Service pack 3 fully updated (not activated yet)
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  1. go to msconfig and select necessary programs to load at start up , kill the user process that are suspicious to u , clean up ur disk, check for error, clean temp files, kill back end process, checkno maleware is running, check for sound drivers,
    use some good software to clean up ur registry keys (reginout is gud one)
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