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Chrome vs Firefox?

Is there any competition here?

I use Firefox still and never gave Chrome a shot... I've used IE and Opera... anyone prefer Chrome?
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  1. I love the Fox!
  2. Rob423 said:
    Is there any competition here?

    I use Firefox still and never gave Chrome a shot... I've used IE and Opera... anyone prefer Chrome?

    Hi Rob423,

    I use Chrome, it used to be Firefox user, but chrome, just like FF is great!

    I never had a problem with anything, it is the fastest I used, tried Opera, long time ago, it was fast and also OK.

    Chrome is great if u like to have opened lots of tabs, I have open up to 300 tabs all the time! FF sometimes crash.

    I never use IE, although it got lot better.

    U can use add-ons as well. I use just add block. If u have a lots of tabs opened, add-ons make the browser less responsive and it crash sometimes.

    I like this feature : )

    Pay Less for the Same Wi-Fi

    Full size
    One of my absolute favorite hacks of all time is getting a discount on airplane Wi-Fi by pretending your laptop is a smartphone. Most web browsers let you set your browser agent, allowing you to let Firefox masquerade as Safari, Internet Explorer, or a mobile phone browser. This is offered for developer testing purposes, but if you simply set your browsing agent to identify as an Android or iPhone you'll automatically get a lower price on your Wi-Fi for that particular flight. Once you've bought your pass, just switch the browsing agent back to normal and you'll be online, free and clear, for less money. (If you don't know how to change your browser's user agent, just watch this video.)
  3. swapnil,

    Never had a problem with Opera...

    I was just saying I have tried IE,Opera and FF... And i keep hearing alot of buzz around this chrome thing..

    Just curious as to what others on here think about the chrome app.
  4. I have had serious loading issues on Opera when the connection is slow.

    The Fox is for me! Chrome, IE no way!
  5. Best answer
    I have always been on the latest! I am using Opera for a long time now. 7-8 years maybe. I think my first was version 7! Always had this problem!

    Best is to switch browsers than asking for support. :)

    FF may not be the fastest browser around but the pleasure of the add-ons makes browsing very very enjoyable! Releases are not a problem and hardly take about 10-15 seconds! So that much i can spare!
  6. Well for FF i would always ask for help. Opera tried and gave up. Most of the add ons i use are always compatible with the newer versions. They are pretty common.

    And as for industry standards... FF and IE are the only standards they follow. Since FF and Opera are very much similar in their way of rendering pages... Whatever works on FF will work on Opera. But not always!

    Ask me... i work as a web designer! :)
  7. Yea Fox has ran well... Has alot of nice add-ons too
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  9. Thanks for the vote! Although it would have been better to have this as a discussion! :)
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