DS3 - Intel vs Gigabyte chipset drivers

When setting up a system, the first OS drivers you should install are always the chipset drivers. On a board such as the GA-965P-DS3, the manufacturer provides chipset drivers, as does Intel.

I can see the Intel driver possibly being newer than Gigabyte if they are rolled into the Gigabyte drivers. The Gigabyte drivers will obviously have specific enhancements for the board.

So my question is, do you install one or both, and in what order?
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  1. I'm actually curious about this too, i have a gigabyte nforce590 board and currently using Nvidia drivers as opposed to Gigabyte's, so i'm wondering which ones are better?
  2. Unless you buy right at the start of a product's life usually by the time that the board reaches you the drivers on the included CD are out of date.
  3. Yeah, I don't even take the CD out of the envelope. This is more about the updated drivers online.
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