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I have googled for awhile Core 2 Duo CPU lifetimes and have had no success with findings how long a CPU would last with overclocking. I am interested in knowing the estimated lifetime of A 6400 and 6700 at a averaged overclocked voltage settings of 1.4v min on my newsystem. I have a ASUS P5W DELUXE DH and an avid gamer. How long could an 6400/6700 overclocked at 1.5v last if I max out my settings everytime i play? Thanks in advance for responses!
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  1. It will only last less than a week if you don't have proper cooling, Unless you have water cooling, the maximum safe voltage you should use is 1.4-1.45v.

    overclocked voltage settings of 1.5v min
    is way too much for air cooling to handle and it isn't good to the CPU.

    Usually, upping the voltage from 1.4v to 1.5v+ will only give you less than 300mhz more speed, but increases the heat output, failure rate by many many times than stock speed and voltage.
  2. I have a Zalman CNPS9500. how long will my cpu last with that i know it is a very good Fan and I also have the facny shmancy thermal grease too
  3. Well, what are your temps? As long as you're not getting a delta temperature of more than 25-30C and your max temps rarely exceed 65C I really wouldn't worry. 1.5 is a bit excessive though, you should be able to overclock quite high on considerably less voltage.

    Basically CPU life is a total crapshoot. There are simply too many variables to account for. Most CPU's last between 5-10 years, even with a decent overclock. A lot last even longer. Your capacitors, on the MB and in the PSU, will likely die long before your CPU does, although they may kill it as they die.
  4. don't use 1.5 unless you have too and if you do, just keep an eye on the temps.
  5. read the stickies in the overclocking section and follow it. Your cpu will last more than 10 years if you follow the stickies. A normal non-overclocking cpu will last 30+years.
  6. At sensible voltages the lifespan of a CPU is primarily a function of temperature. I believe the standard curve is an exponential reduction in lifespan with temperature. Thermal cycling is also a contributing factor in device failure.
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