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Autonomous Firefox Poll Voter

Hello there, I'm going to just get right into it.

I am seeking help with making what I'm assuming to be a batch file to help a friend with a voting poll.

Currently she has been opening Firefox to her website, clicking a vote "bubble", clicking the vote button, and then closing the website and starting over again.

What I am wondering is if there is a way to make this autonomous, possibly by setting up what I can only guess would be a batch file to open firefox, send a certain amount of Tab key commands until the bubble is selected, then having a command hit the space bar, tabbing again to the vote button, then closing the instance of Firefox and opening a new one after and doing the same thing, preferably on a loop.

Hopefully this is possible, and somebody can help me with this, or guide me to a website or forum that can.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. What site is it?
  2. It is a NSFW site.

    PT house-pets
  3. Because it takes the count by the IP address.

    So even if she votes 100 times it may count only once.
  4. Are you 100% sure. She has had her boyfriend doing this manually day in and day out and she has shot up the polls from last to second place since he has started. I guess it could be coincidence, but if not, is there a way to set this up?
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    Well, sure it is possible, but not on Tom's HW forum, as it is against the forum rules.
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