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Ok so I have this older laptop that i still use everyday for basic web browsing/email/music/pics....etc and it has an old Duron 1.1ghz cpu and 1gig of ram. I have the chance to purchase an Athlon 1.4ghz for only a few dollars and was thinking of upgrading the Duron. I know the chip will work because the Athlon was optional on this model laptop when it was new and I know the Duron is not soldered to the board because Ive had the thing apart to replace an dead cpu fan. So my real question is will the Athlon perform noticeably better then the Duron? Its got a larger cache and 300mhz faster clock speed. Anyone by any chance have any links to old Atlon/Duron benchmarks?
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  1. I have 1.3ghz AMD Duron with 1GB of DDR 400mhz ( but downclocked to 266mhz) Ram. What kind of benchmark are you looking for? I could do a benchmark for you if you want. The benchmark tool i got is SiSandra 2007 Home version which my friend gave me. I don't think there's a lot of up to date benchmark for Amd Duron because it has been discontinued for a number of years.
  2. For what you use that laptop for, you'd better leave the duron where it is because the athlon will no perform noticeably better but probably won't be a low power version and will consume the battery much faster, even because of the larger cache in use, even if it IS a low power version (not a problem if you have the laptop plugged all day).
  3. The 1.4 athlon runs hot. Don't do it. Your laptop heatsink won't handle the heat. I've fried one athlon trying to run it with a newer duron heatsink in a desktop case.
  4. standard answer in such cases: if it ain't broken, tweak it! However, if this machine is your main workhorse, leave it alone.
  5. hello .....the amd fx-74 was sold in pairs at 999.99.......with the price drop is it still a pair?.....i have the l1n64 mb...i need it in a pair.....the board is sli ready to bridge two video cards......would crossfire video cards be ok to use?
  6. I would be cautious about the heat sink. It may not be able to keep up with the increased heat output of the Athlon.
  7. I had a duron desptop , and one laptop w/ the Atlon XP 2200. you really will see the difference in performance.

    PD: I still use my laptop.
  8. Let me help add clarity to this mud i call answers.

    First of all for your laptop you will need a "mobile" Athlon which means that it has the 4 phase voltage/bus frequency stepping unlike the desktop Athlon/Durons. This also means that NO a desktop Athlon will NOT WORK. I must also warn you that installing a desktop Athlon/Duron in this laptop could possibly ruin the voltage regulator quite possibly because the desktop Athlon/Durons consume considerably more power then their mobile counterparts.

    What you want to make sure is to purchase the Athlon 4 (mobile Athlon) which has the stepping required to be compatible with the laptop motherboard.

    Also the Athlon 4 does not put out gobs more heat than the Duron mostly because of the stepping/throttling that is used to control the temperature.
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