Connecting my laptop to my TV *RESOLUTION*

My laptop has HD-DVD, but its resolution is like 1280 x 800. HD-DVD resolution is something like 1900 x 1220. I'm getting an HDMI to HDMI cord, but this won't make it look any better on my TV. Is there any way I can make my HDTV the actual screen of the laptop, so that nothing appears on the laptop, and the video signals are all transmitted to the TV?
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  1. 1920x1080 to be exact

    what make/model laptop is it?
  2. It's an acer laptop, but I think I figured it out. I have to right click the and go to the nVidia control panel and I can choose either single or multiple displays when I connect my laptop to my TV. I then choose single and I can increase the resolution depending on how good my TV is.
  3. i have a question, i want to hook up my pc to a lcd tv via DVI. will it work? my gpu is a 8800gts 320 megs and it is "hdcp" ready
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