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Im running Windows Vista Home 32-bit version, I recently bought 1GB of extra RAM along with the 512MB which my cpu already has. The cpu only read 960MB of total physical memory (RAM), so I went into the CMOS SETUP UTITLITIES MENU and DISABLED the SHARED MEMORY from 64MB thinking this would give me at least 1GB/1024MB of total memory to use. But after doing this, the monitor will not stay on and it beeps about 4 times as it comes on. It wont let me see anything now and i dont know how to fix it can someone please help me out on this one? Im guessing I'll have to buy a new chipset?
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  1. Try restarting in safe mode and re-enable the shared memory, your onboard video requires the use of a portition of your ram, you can't disable it altogether and expect it to work.
  2. That wouldnt be possible without being able to view the monitor but a cheap video card is what i needed to get the monitor back up and running everything else is fine and now i can use the full 1GB of RAM that I have
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