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hi .is there any software which catches all speed from server.kindly tell me
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  1. Im reading this and for the life of me I am at a total loss as to what to say.... no wisecracks, no help, nothing... its going to be a long day...
  2. I'm going to guess here, are you looking for a performance monitor?

    Windows has a built-in one.

    Aside from that, unless your server is dealing in drugs and you are trying to intercept it, I don't think we will be able to figure out what you mean.
  3. I'd bet on wanting to test the spped of it's connection to a server :)
    Here is not a software, but a link to a popular site: which may give you some general measurement of speed to the location, where the server resides /eventually/.
    Also you may ping the server to discover your ping times to it, but you can't actually measure your connection speed to it without some assistance from the other side.
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