Power-up problem with E4300 Conroe. GA965P-DS3.

Hi, I have E4300 and GA965P-DS3 rev 1.3 F10 BIOS. 2gb corsair ram. I was able to overclock it to 3ghz, and it runs perfectly when its up. However, whenever I shut down my computer, and leave it off for like over 10 minutes, it would then either not power up, or power up but resets back to 1.8ghz. Does anyone know how to stop that from happening? It doesn't lock up at all, just giving problems when I push the power button... restarting works, just not when starting from cold. thanks

ps: starting from cold works when it's not overclocked. Is there some settings I should change to fix the problem?
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  1. change the ram multi from 2.00 to 2.5, also make sure that doesn't oc your ram too high (2.5x333=833), if it runs your ram a lil high change your latencies up and add your volts on your ram to +0.3, should ix your cold boot issues no problem.
  2. yeah its defenetly a ram problem, happened to me today iswell, and that is a nice oc u have got 3.6ghz 8O , is that on water, and what kinda vcore do u have it set at
  3. Rammedstein

    Did the dangerDen wb and pump bring down your temps a lot in comparisson with the stoch TT set-up?
    Cause I am using the TT set up now and would like to improve my temps a bit more.

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