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I have a hp dv4 1427nr comes loaded with windows vista. Well the problem is I have hundreds of games that I ran on my xp system. Most of these games even trying compatability mode will not work on vista. So I have watched tutorials and read on how to perform a dual boot. Vista system to include xp. The question I have is when I install xp I will need to get drivers for this laptop again (sound, nic, video) not for vista but for the xp version running correct or no? And if so It is a complete pain in my butt because when you go onto hp's site to download drivers there is nothing really there for my laptop under xp. The laptop was made for vista. So I am asking the only other thing to do is go under device manager try and get the precise product model for sound, video, ethernet, broadcom and graphics model and then go directly to each website and get that driver not for vista but for xp is this correct? Also maybe I dont need the drivers for connecting to the net due to I just want to play my games on it thats it.? Not sure though.
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  1. Yes you will need Window XP drivers. But Windows XP most likely will install generic drivers that will work. I have had very few instances when the hardware was not recognized and had to get manufactures drivers. After installing Windows XP you go to hardware manager check to see if there are any question marks buy the hardware. If there are you will need to get drivers for that hardware.

    P.S. Sometimes when doing updates for Windows XP from Microsoft web site it will find the missing drivers also. Least it has for me at different times.
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