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Hello everyone. I have a problem. I am readily growing impatient with my old machine (AMD Athlon XP 2100+, VIA KT333, 1 gig ram), and judging by what these new programs command, I can do much better. I haven't kept up with hardware in years, and these new motherboards look way different. What I am concerned about are the hard drive interfaces, as the one I'm looking at has only one IDE socket. I'm assuming thats for CDROM drives, but other than that these new motherboards only give you the option of SATA, and the drives I have now are 2 Western Digital WD2500SB which I don't plan on just getting rid of. My question is what kind of options do I have with keeping these drives on a newer motherboard. I don't really need the benefits of RAID, but would like the IDE sockets. Thanks in advance.
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  1. If you want to use both ATA drives, your best bet would be to get a SATA DVD burner. You could buy a card that will give you more ATA connections but given the prices of DVD burners I'd go with that option. The other thing you could do would be to install one of the ATA drives and get an enclosure, about $30 -$35, and use the other as an external dirve
  2. Gee, never knew they had SATA CDROM drives. What about SATA IDE adapters, are they reliable?
  3. just get a pci ide card like this.

    my friend was in the same situation, bought one, and worked great..
  4. As long as theres no compromise in speed I'll be happy. Good price.
  5. Quote:
    As long as theres no compromise in speed I'll be happy. Good price.

    yea, they should run @ full 133 speed (if you get the right card). goodluck
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