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What is .NET and what is it used for? Uninstall?

I see 6 cases of "Microsoft .NET Framework" in my add/remove programs list, taking up about 600 MB of disk space (on 250 GB, that's less than 1%, practically nothing). The usage is showing "rarely" for all of these. This usage information is unreliable. I've used GIMP actively in the past 2 weeks and still shows up as "rarely" for both it and the related GTK. About 2 years ago, I didn't have any of this .NET Framework stuff. I'm only wondering what it's used for and if it can otherwise be uninstalled.

Edit: forgot the "uninstall" in subject line, for making it clearer.
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  1. Keep it! Some software require that and would not function properly.
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    OK, just what is the .NET framework?

    To grossly oversimplify, it's a package of common support software that can be used by programs so that they don't all have to re-write the same software over and over again. More specifically, it's aimed at users of Microsoft's newer versions of programming languages like C#, Visual Basic .NET and others. The .NET framework provides a broad array of functionality that can be used by programs written in those languages to perform common tasks, most commonly things that involve interacting with Windows itself.
  3. Oh, so .NET is to C#, Visual Basic .NET, etc. as msvcr.dll is to C? Well, in that case, then it's definitely worth keeping (or you'll just get errors and the program won't run). Oh well, I wonder why even 2 years ago I didn't have these.
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  5. Not every program needs .NET framework : )
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