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Everyone ..

I want the bootable Disk that upon booting display a small menu like this ..eg :-

- press 1 to backup c to d ( make the complete disk image of c and store in D: )

- press 2 to restore the image From d to c ( Restore the image file back to c from d )

It is helpful for simply Backup & restore Pc's.

Can some one please provide me the bootable disk with the above menu for Nghost 2003 or any version ...

- Regards
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  1. You have to make it yourself, based on where your images are stored, what program you are using, etc... Easy to do though, create a regular Boot floppy with a batch file that would run the options you want, make a CD from it using Nero (which has the option to make a bootable disk), copy the Ghost program to the CD as additional files. Then boot off the disk, at the DOS prompt it gives you run the batch file by name, and you'll get your menu.

    Issue here is that you'll need something that will also include USB drivers to read any external drives you may want to use to store/save images to, network drivers if you want to do this over the network, etc...

    You may just want to read the Ghost manual on how to make a bootable disk, would be easier than to try to create one yourself. Or you can try a program called clonezilla, it has pretty good instructions on how to use it.
  2. Yes, Clonezilla is great for this @ http://clonezilla.org/ ^^^+1 hang-the-9
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