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Transferring AutoCAD license


My question is a little complicated, but here goes.

I have two AutoCAD licenses - ACAD 2004 & ACAD 2010 on my current build. I wish to build a new machine with i5 2500K processor, new z68 motherboard, and whatever other good stuff that is also a reasonable price.

Here is the tricky part -

I would like to transfer the ACAD licenses to the new computer somehow. Without doing anything else (like deactivating the licenses) if I physically disconnect the hard drive that the licenses are stored on from the old motherboard and plug it into the new motherboard, will the licenses not work on the new mobo? That is, are the licenses rooted to the hard drive or are they also embedded somehow in the (old) motherboard/BIOS?

I would like to run my current ACAD licenses on a new build with as little fuss as possible; I don't have $5,000-$7,000 right now for a brand new license.

Thank you.
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    Contact Autodesk. I'm pretty sure you'll need to deactivate the original PC. You won't need a new license, I move programs like this around computers all the time, they just need to issue you a new key.

    If you just swap hard-drives, Windows will not be too happy and probably won't boot or crash.
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