Pretty simple question.

I just bought 2 gigs of this:

Now I see this:

Now if these are if similar quality I have a bit of a dilemma. I'm building a new PC to take back to college, pretty nice, but saving where I can is important.

If the kingston memory is of similar quality then I think I will do one of two things. Either
A) Buy 2 gigs of it, bringing me up to 4 gigs total, if the two will in fact play nice together.
B) Return the Crucial stuff and buy 4 gigs of the kingston so they will definately work together, avoiding the rebate process entirely.

Just wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction. Thanks.
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  1. What kind of processor do you have, and will you be overclocking?
  2. going for a q6600 processor and a GTS. One of the Gigabyte boards. As of now I am a complete novice at overclocking, but with a nice rig like I'm building I hope to learn.
  3. The Crucial is much better quality, and will overclock far better due to the superior chips it uses. Both should be okay compatibility wise. If you aren't going to overclock it, then the performance difference between the two at stock speeds will be negligable, probably around 2-5%, so the Kingston may be a better option if the money you'd save is important.
  4. Get these:

    Sell the other ram on ebay in three months when it goes up in price.

    You will have better ram and you might make a buck or two.
  5. So the kingston will work with the crucial? I can't find specs on the kingston anywhere to see if it matches up.
  6. The C2D processors are not very sensitive to memory speeds and timings. I would prefer 4gb of value ram to 2gb of fast ram unless you want to overclock. You will see only about 3.4gb on a 32 bit OS, but it is still better than 2gb. The motherboard will need to set the voltages and timings for both types of memory. With two different sets of characteristics,, it will work at the lowest common denominator, if at all. I would pick option B.
  7. I also would pick 4Gb of value to 2Gb of quality considering you're not yet overclocking...

    I wouldn't mix and match
  8. Crucial makes good performance memory,but then again,DDR2 800 memory is the same speed no matter who makes it.Go with the KVR for now to save money.I would only get 2 gigs though and not 4,unless you are running a 64 bit OS,as 32bit OS's can only utilize upto 3 gigs.Even though your bios will see it and cpuid will see it,your OS won't see all 4 gigs.Goodluck.


    ATHLON X2 5600+ @2.8(STOCK)
    EVGA 7950 GX2 550/700
    2X1GIG DDR2 800
    SATA2 80/250GIG HD
    XP MCE
  9. My take is that the Q6600 runs what FSB1333? But it's quad pumped so it's really a 333FSB. At 1 to 1, you would need DDR2-667. WIth this DDR2-800, you should be able to OC to FSB1600 equivalent and still be within the RAM's specs before needing to worry about the quality of the chips for overclocking out of spec.

    I vote for the Kingston myself.
  10. bliq, The Q6600 runs FSB 1066.
  11. Both types will work together, the Crucial kit is better quality stuff.
  12. But that Q6600 when placed on a P35 board can be clocked as 4x333. Thus the reasoning for the 667 at a 1:1 ratio. When using 800MHz ram (PC6400) the ratio changes to 5:6 (333/400).

  13. I found that the Kingston hyperX RAM works well.

    I have the q6600 and 4 gig Kingston hyperX on a striker extreme MB... it OC'd stable to 2.7 on air easily (obviously), I didn’t bother going higher as the q6600 runs hot at stalk speeds and smoking at 2.7 (52-54 idle)
  14. If it hasn't been said before:
    You need a 64bit OS to use 4gigs of ram. (didnt see you mention your OS).

    Also, in our PC shop, we use local Kingston ram and have not had any issues. We would rather recomend crucial, but Kingston is good.
  15. I have used both Kingston and Corsair and have had no issues with either. Although I prefer the Corsair, I could not fault someone for buying Kingston.
    My Striker w/ 4 gigs of Coasair runs Vista Ultimate 32 fine. Vista 'sees' 3.5 gigs.
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