F.A.S.T Causing Blue Screen Crash

Hi All I hope someone can help.

I needed to do a clean install so backed up all my files to a slave hard drive using the windows XP File and Settings transfer wizard. Went on to do a clean install and then started to import the files back (To the same Win XP operating system they were exported from)

The UNC file F.A.S.T created is a whopping 89 gig in size! The problem I am having is that after 5 hours of the wizard running the system gets a blue screen crash right at the very end of the progress bar and restarts. Some times on restart I will find some of the files have been imported back, other times nothing has come over. The problem is without the wizard being able to finish I can’t get all my Files back and I have run the wizard over 15 times now!

Can you guys think of anything I could try?

I have checked all the basic stuff, I have run F.A.S.T in safe mode and have even re-clean installed the system several times please help.
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  1. Try running a Windows Update before restoring your settings, if you backed-up using an up-to-date version, you'd need the same (up-to-date) version for the restore.
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