Concerning about my video card

My video card is the foxconn 8800gts 640mb, I just did a test with 3dmark05 and here's the score. (14,295)
and here's an image of the setup
its basically the same setting as one on this site, here's the link

I want to know, is it normal for it to be missing 1,574 points?

Also, I'm getting only 60fps on Counter Strike Source when I'm on 1280 x 1024 resolution and everything else set to max.

I just want to know, is my card normal or its just messed up?

I'm also wondering what FPS do you guys get on Counter Strike Source with a similar rig like mine?
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  1. ok, the 60 fps thing is because of vsync, maybe thats affecting your 3dmark scores as well? look for the disable vysnc button in the nvidia control panel, or just leave it on

    you really cant see a difference with more than 60fps, and the vsync eliminates "ripping" of an image (e.g. 60hz refresh rate and 200 fps results in images becoming distorted, its better to keep vsync on IMO goodluck.
  2. I see, that might be the problem, I'll check up on that later.

    I just did a test with AA AF enabled and while comparing to tomshardware's benchmarks, I have a 2684 point difference, now thats scaring me.

    here's my result(11737):

    and here's tomshardware's(14431):

    for those who are interested, here's the link to the whole benchmark review at toms:
  3. Why your memory is not in dual channel mode? To activate it put the memory in the first and the third slot or the second and the fourth.
  4. my memory is in dual channel mode. For my motherboard, its require to have it in the first and second or third and fourth.
  5. Sorry my bad. I wrote it because most of the boards work with the ram arrangement i wrote.
  6. The report says the sticks are in slot 3 and 4....? That would not enable dual channel, is the report wrong?
  7. Sorry too, I would at first glance think memory is in the wrong place.
  8. Actually its quite interesting, he might be right. The manual for his motherboard suggests that you should use 1&2 or 3&4 for to achieve dual channel operation!

    MNX1024 is your motherboard a gigabyte GA-M59SLI-S5?

    A memory bandwidth benchmark might be slightly more definitive.
  9. yes, thats my motherboard, and yes, inorder to use dual channel, the ram has to be in 12 or 34.

    now, it would be nice if you guys can get back to my original problem.
  10. Answer. Yes it is normal to miss that much performance when you compare different systems.

    You have to remember that 3Dmark is not a purely graphics benchmark and you are comparing the overall system for what i believe is a different processor. The toms hardware benchmark uses an Intel Core 2 Extreme X6800 where as you have a AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 6000+ according to the 3D mark analysis.

    Benchmark results for systems with even the slightest difference will start to vary.
  11. I think I found the reason why I'm having a low fps on source or even a low score in the benchmark. When I look at Nvidia Monitor, it says that my GPU memory is 900mhz, but on newegg and foxconn's site, it says that the card is 1800mhz. I mean, normal 8800gts is 1600 anyway. Anyone know how I can fix that problem?
  12. no no , thats fine

    its 900mhz DDR (double data rate), which works out at 1800mhz effective (you just double it).
  13. you sure about that? I mean, it doesn't say ddr on the monitor and the core clock seems to be right, which is 575mhz.
  14. Yes, he is right - the memory speed on your GPU is fine.

    As mentioned before, I think the cause of the disparity in 3dMark06 scores lies in the CPU used; feel free to compare the different CPUs here:
  15. Ok than, I guess the benchmark score is pretty much solved. What I'm being trouble by is that I'm getting 60fps on Counter Strike Source when others are getting 120fps and 220fps with the same card.
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