Allocating high memory in windows xp for applications

I am trying to run a program that requires memory range D0000-D3FFF and I keep getting a fatal error. I need to know how to allocate that memory range for applications
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  1. what is the program?
  2. If you are running in Windows You can't!
    What's the program?
  3. Application is Luminator Mark IV sign systems to program flash card for Transit bus sign. The software works with Windows 98 and 2000 but not with XP or Vista.
  4. Have you tried contacting the manufacturer about XP support?
  5. does anyone have the luminator IPS software? please email me
  6. You've probably already done this, but have you tried compatibility mode?

    If that doesn't work, consider finding an old computer that runs 98 or 2000.
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