Desktop icons does not respond to left click why?

needs help. . . desktop icons does not respond to left click
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  1. check the mouse settings (in the control panel)
  2. Try resetting IE. click on tools, internet options, advanced, and then at bottom of page click reset this returns IE to default settings.

  3. Could be your mouse is broken. Try another one.
  4. Not sure what IE has to do with the desktop/mouse function. But daviduk109 and ijack have a couple good suggestions.

    Try right clicking on the desktop. That should bring up a menu. Does that button work right?

    Can you use the keyboard and successfully open any of the icons?
  5. Have developed the same problem lately.

    Left click does not work on certain icons, but others do.

    Right click>Open works fine.

    Developed this problem during IE7 failure on XP machine.
  6. I fixed this when I discovered under Control Panel>Device manager>Mouse that I had a duplication of my wireless mouse showing. Disabled one and everything perfect again.
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