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Anyone know anything about RAM speed in 3dmark11?

I have been trying for the last 40 minutes to post this question in the 3dmark11 forum at Futuremark but everytime I click submit thread I get an error saying my message is too short and it needs to be at least 6 chararters. So here I am! I had been using 12GB G.skill pc3 10666 @ 1600MHz with a CPU clock of 3.8GHz and got a score of P7636. I then switched out that RAM for 6GB pc3 15000 @ 1910MHz with a cpu clock of 4.0GHz and after running the test again my score was 7592. The details of 3dmark11 showed the 12GB kit at 667MHz and the 6Gb kit at 533MHz. Could the lower score have been due to using 6 GB as opposed to 12GB or does the fact that the 6GB kit showed in the details at 533MHz when it should have been 933?
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    That difference is so low that it really can be caused by anything. Run the test at least 5 times with each RAM, and see what the results are, reboot between each test, make sure the exact same things are running during each test. Average the 5 results. 10 runs each would be even more accurate.

    From the test, I'd say the two RAM setups are exactly equal, you're looking at a under a 50 pt difference in 7600. This is like driving 10 miles to a store to say that they overcharged you by 5 cents for apples.
  2. Didn't realize I left it this long without replying. I get what you are saying but I keep reading your reference over and over again trying to figure out what the exact meaning is :)
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