Vista wireless slow, same adapter on XP is fast!

So I bought a Linksys WMP54G v4.1 adapter hoping to finnaly get connection on vista (had an old wireless card that was not compatible). I installed the 64 bit drivers from the disk and the device is working properly according to device manager.

I get an extremely slow connection on vista, 9 out of the 10 times it does not even work. I cant ping simple sites like and I can't trace them either. IF I am able to trace/ping them I lose alot of packets.
It's only with internet though, normal network seems to be fine.
The connection is fast on XP Home though. The same wireless adapter on XP Home gives zero problems. Same hardware as the vista (I have dual boot). XP Has no lost packets whatsoever with ping/trace.

I really do not know what is causing this, I also cannot find a solution off google.
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  1. Ok so update now. Now my wireless on vista does not even work. Same settings as I had, Network and Sharing management tells me I am connected to my network, but there's a big red X through the internet connection line. I just cant seem to find what it is. My channel is set right, I have all the TCP/IP settings you need. I just do not understand what is wrong.

    Found this on internet:
    This worked.

    1. Go to Ralink Windows Driver and download the RT61 PCI/mPCI/CB driver for Vista X86/X64
    2. Extract and run the Setup program which will take about 5 minutes to complete
    3. Click Finish to complete the RT6x Wireless LAN Card Setup
    4. Open the Windows Device Manager
    5. Right-Click on the Network Controller under 'Other devices', and select Properties
    6. Select the Driver tab and click on 'Update Driver' button
    7. On the upcoming screen, select 'Browse my computer for driver software'
    8. I am not 100% sure if it's necessary to browse to the VistaX64 folder before you continue, but just to be safe here, browse to the VistaX64 folder (in my case it was installed at C:\Program Files (x86)\RALINK\RT6x Wireless LAN Card\Installer\VISTAX64), and then select 'Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer'
    9. On the upcoming screen, select 'Network Adapters' and click Next
    10. Now comes the part where you may have to try different Ralink drivers using trial-and-error. Select 'Ralink Technology, Inc.' under the Manufacturer listbox, and try out some of the Network Adapters which will appear in the right listbox. In my case, the 'Ralink RT2500 Wireless LAN Card' did the job. If you selected a non-working driver, you will get the typical 'Device cannot be started error (Error 10)'. If you selected a working driver, the driver will successfully install. As I said above, I have a WMP54GV4 wireless PCI card, and the Ralink RT2500 Wireless LAN Card driver worked for me.
  3. thats very nice of you to post the instructions :) You should create another post titled that.
  4. Jebus if this works..... I have the same card as you and my vista internet is so slow I want to kick Bill Gates ass to the moon... punk.
  5. Meh, would help if you told me where to go to get the driver, I got one but its obviously not the same as I do not have any choices for which dirver to use like you said for trial and error.

    Ooh I do have multiple choices, you neglected to say click "have disk" and browse to the files.
  6. I had the same issue with Vista. The home wireless had been running fine for a year and nothing changed recently. All of a sudden had slowness issue. I read on the Microsoft site that this could be due to channel conflicts with neighboring networks. I changed my wireless route channel to 11 instead of Auto and that fixed the problem. I don't believe the issue in my case was related to Vista but the change did resolve the problem.
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