networking 2 pcs (via adsl router?)

ok I am totally NEW to the networking side of things.

I have 2 pcs, one is the internet donkey "PC1" (xp pro x86) and the other is my main work machine "PC2" (vista ultimate x64) . I would like to share a partitioned drive/s on both for normal use (at the moment I am using a poxy usb key and its driving me nuts going back and forth as u can well imagine! lol)

local guy in pc shop told me i can connect both through my zyxel p660hw-d1 adsl router (?) this correct? and is the speed affected, ie: slower than a separate "switch" router?
I have tried using "connect to a network" but windows cant see anything apart from my current net connection (from either pc)

I have the adsl router set to "SUA Only" for p2p, games, etc. Do i need to change this to something else to make it work? (while still keeping the ports for p2p and gaming) ...if so, what settings and where?

any help at all (or good links for setting it all up) are most welcome.
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  1. yes, it is possible. Your "modem" has a built in 4 port switch plus wireless.

    I just connected a vista pc to a network that was already sharing 3 (xp) computers. pretty straight forward. You turn on folder sharing on both computers. (right click on the drive you want to share, and make sure you check the (share this folder) option.

    Then on the other computer. double click on "my network places" and tell it to search for devices/drives on your network.

    that is just a general overview. I'm not at there right now. With XP you had to make sure you were running the same "work group" but I don't think Vista requires that.

    Hopefully, this will help or someone will be able to provide a better explanation and answer your second question about "SUA Only" I always leave my router on default settings
  2. thanks BC...tried all that and still either computer does not "see" the other. damn!

    anyone know what config my adsl router should have to make the connection properly?
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