Which graphic card producer to choose?

Yo Ladies and gentleman!

Im about to buy a new computer (cause my last one just went to computer heaven a couple of days ago :cry: ) and now i have done a little research on what to put in to the new one and now there´s just one piece left and there are were u guys hopefully get in :P

Im thinking on buying the 8800GTX card which i have seen doing well in most kind´s of test and now i wonder which card producer i should choose.
Is it really that big diffrence between the same card from 2 diffrent
producers? Im not american, but i would estimate that the diffrence between the cheapest cards from Gigabyte and MSI and the most expensive ones from BFG are like 200-300$. And that is in my mind plenty of cash especially since it´s (at least in text) dont show and diffrence at all.

Would really appreciate if some of u guys would chair your thoughts about this or send a link if u know any test on these things.

And just so u know im not looking for a computer for like 5000$+ and im not very much in to clocking either so plz dont send any "U know what? If u put in 2 dual hûber ultimate XXZIC 10000 for just 10000$ a piece ur computer would be much faster!". I be damn could´nt figure that one out on my own! :roll:

Would be real nice if u could help me out here! cheers!
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  1. Well, we need a budget to get you started
  2. A budget u say, well I got plenty of cash atm. Well I plan to spend like 15000sek on my computer which should be around 2000-2500$ I think :?

    And well what I really want is simply to get a computer as fast as possible for smallest amount of cash. Same as evryone else I figure :P
  3. If you are using vista right now go ATI 2900xt but if you are going to stick with xp for a while get the nVidia, no one can tell you for sure which will be best to get. The best choice is to wait, but then again you might really neeeeeeeed your pc NOW. so if you are getting the 8800 you waont really be going wrong. the 9800 is coming out soonish, if you can hold on for a few months then wait cause it will really pay off, plus you can do some extra fund raising and get something MUCH better. So your choice i suppose.
  4. As for your question, no brands are particularly different. Some pre-overlock their cards and charge you a deal more for it but you could always do this youreself in like 5secs if you wished.

    As said before, 2900xt for vista or 8800gtz for XP. 8800gtx WILL outperform 2900xt in vista but for the huge amount of extra money you pay for it... not worth it.
  5. Answering your original question of which company to buy an 8800gtx from. The various partners do not make their cards. There is maybe one that comes witha different cooler but the rest are identical.

    You should choose which company to buy from based on price, warranty, service(esp.in your country). Paying for an overclock is as useless as paying someone to wipe your nose.

    re. The last couple of posters saying go ATI if you use Vista is oversimplifying the whole thing.

    There are not many recent reviews comparing xp and vista performance. In single card configurations which is what you're talking about both companies have improved their Vista drivers but in this review ATI has been more consistant.

    I run an 8800gtx and Vista and have no problems but every-one's experiences will vary depending on what specific aps you run.
  6. Yo big thx guys!

    Lot of good to know stuff here =)

    About waiting for a couple of months to buy a new computer.... ehh well it´s hurts to admit how much of computer geek one really is :wink: but a couple of months without a computer aint really something im looking forward to =P

    Well I am planing to buy windows vista and buying the ATI 2900xt does seems like a good choise. It´s defintly cheaper than 8800GTX, (a matter of fact i found it even cheaper than the 8800GTS) the only thing that bothers me is that i cant really find any info on the card except from ATI which aint really the most realible source in this matter.

    It´s not like a dont belive u guys cause u sure seem to know ur stuff, but it would still be nice if someone had a link to review or test of the card :P
  7. Ops hehe omg big mistake on from my side :oops:

    Thx Rabidpeanut for the link seems like the answer was to close for me to notice =D
  8. I would suggest getting a strong c2d cpu, 2gb ddr 800mhz ram, and a x1950pro or gt theyre so cheap now and wait it out until the market settles down.
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