Advice Needed on Thermaltake Armor Case w 25CM Side Fan

I'm currentlty putting a machine together using the Thermaltake Armor Case that has the 25cm fan on the side panel. Right now my concern is this. The board i will be using will have a Zalman 9700NT fan on the CPU. No idea if anyone has seen this puppy but the thing is HUGE. I'm concerned that the top of this heatsink may come in contact with the 25CM fan preventing the side panel from closing completely. I was wondering if anyone here has this case and if they have had issues were the side panel fan has come on contact with thier heatsinks. The standard Intel/AMD heatsinks that come with chips are small enough to not pose an issue, but my Zalman is a HUGE sucker and the 25cm fan on the side panel is not intergrated into the door but is attached and extends towards the inside of the case. Feedback will be much appreciated.
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  1. If you search my s/n, I asked the same question a little bit ago. Someone told me that they had the same case with the regular 9700 LED (which is the same, save for the color) and they didn't have any problems with it contacting the side fan. I haven't picked my zalman up yet, but looking at the inside of the case with the rest of the components installed, and taking the measurements, I don't think there'll be a single problem.

    Good luck, and enjoy!
  2. I have a Zalman 9700LED on a P5W DH board in an Armour with the 25cm fan.

    There is ample clearance between the two :)

    Also, the Zalman 9700 is one of the smaller "Supercoolers". There are others that are much larger.
  3. it also has something to do with the thermaltake armour/kandalf cases being big mothers
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