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When I installed Vista i had SATA as PETE/IDE in my BIOS.

Now i want to switch to SATA, i have been playing around a bit not sure if i am having any success.

I have switched the BIOS to "SATA as AHCI" and Vista runs fine, the first time i did this it installed a few drivers.

This is what my Device Manager now looks like

-ATA Channel 0
-ATA Channel 0
-ATA Channel 1
-ATA Channel 1
-ATA Channel 4
-ATA Channel 5
-Standard AHCI1.0 Serial ATA Controller (why SATA 1 not 2?)
-Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller

*Storage Controllers
-JMicron jmb36x controller
-Microsoft iSCSI Initiator (no mention of SATA/AHCI here)

Also in device manager my HDD is listed as WDC WD5000AAKS-00TMA0 ATA Device

I have a P5K, ich9 chipset

Am i little confused am i running SATA, how can i check? If I am still in IDE how can i switch to SATA2.

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  1. wusy, why don't you tell him about AHCI?
  2. Quote:

    There's isn't really a particular BIOS option that selects between SATA 1.5 and 3.0, at least I haven't seen any yet.

    Sata v2/3.0 Gbps is backwards compatible with Sata v1. It just drops down to Sata v1 spec if your board doesn't support it. Sata drives made attaching drives 'Plug-and-Forget'.
  3. thanks guys.
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