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So, this past weekend I finally got around to buying a 3D Vision 2 monitor (ASUS VG278H), and games like Crysis 2 look AMAZING, butI wanted to try out movies so I got TRON 3D in Full SBS (in hindsight I should've waited and bought the 3D Blu-Ray instead of the regular Blu-Ray), but anyways the file is an mkv in Full SBS, meaning a 3840x1080 picture with side-by-side. I currently have the Matroska CCCP codecs installed and I tried playing the file in Windows Media Player (which didn't show ANY picture), VLC, and Media Player Classic, but none of them displayed in 3D.

I downloaded the 3D Vision Video Player, but that seems to be designed for some other kind of format, since I couldn't even open the file, and then finally I found Stereoscopic Player which had an option for output using "3D Vision" which worked...for 5 minutes until I hit the trial limit.

That software wants me to pay $50, which seems a bit ridiculous with so many free and open-source players available. Does anyone know what players to use to play full and/or half-sbs mkv files? I haven't had much luck googling, so any help would be much appreciated.
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  1. I have a license for PowerDVD 11 (which plays 3D Movies beautifully) but I have played a fair amount of MKV files with Nvidia's stereoscopic Player.

    What version of the player do you have?
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