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Recently my alt+tab task switch has stopped working entirely, I believe it was after an update. I searched through the forums for quite some time and found a thread that went from alt tab being broken to a powertoy to help with alt+tab. I also saw some thing about the regedit menu but no help on what the values should be set to, I was hoping someone else has had this problem and knows either how I disabled my alt+tab or what i can do to get it back. to clarify at the moment holding alt and pressing tab does nothing. well sometimes it moves my selected area to the file section of firefox but that is it.
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  1. It would seem to disable alt + tab would require a clever bit of programming (that could be part of a 'windows utility' application as you say). See here for example:

    What particular update do you believe caused this problem?
    Could the problem possibly be caused by a virus/malware on your pc?
    Does the problem still exist if computer is started in 'safe' mode?
    Could the problem possibly be caused by a windows utililty program that is installed on your computer?

    It is also possible the problem has been caused by the operating system becoming corrupted in some way.
  2. going to have to try safe mode tomorrow before work, just wanted to give you an update, have been toying around and noticed some very weird behavior, alt+f4 only works with the alt on right hand side of space bar while ctrl+alt+delete works with either alt being used. the main reason i noticed this problem was in a game called final fantasy XI, up until a few months ago i could scroll up or down using arrow keys through my commands obtained by holding either alt button, after the alt+tab started messing up i could only scroll down using the left alt and only up using the right alt... needless to say i am utterly confused due to the lack of neither key functioning or malfunctioning on the same instance, i have ran avg anti virus a few times and it has come up clean, also checked my values in regedit. if anyone else has any ideas on what could be causing this i would love to hear them as i would like to fix this issue, and yes i have tried several different keyboards verified to work properly on a separate computer.
  3. also i have ran a system restore to a date prior to having this issue.
  4. just to be sure on the virus front, download and install the following 2 anti-malware packages:

    1. malwarebytes
    2. super-antispyware

    to be thorough, once you have installed and updated these 2 anti-virus packages, you can run them both in windows normal mode and windows 'safe' mode. Make sure to do a FULL scan (and not just a partial scan). You may be surprised at what you find. I wouldn't just rely upon AVG for anti-virus protection.

    Another idea is to locate and install one of those windows utility applications that can purposefully set the alt key to not work. Then try rebooting computer and change this setting to say make the alt key work.

    You have tried using different keyboards, although some older keyboards plug into serial port while newer keyboards plug into the usb port. Might be an idea to try one of each if possible.

    Final option is to format hard drive and do a clean installation of windows.
  5. As of currently the only thing that I have not tried that was suggested is reformatting due to there being several things i do not want to have to fix again, mainly a saound driver that takes a good 3 hours to track down. Other then that I work 10+ hour days and haven't been able to work at this issue much, any other suggestions would be helpful. also, if you have any questions about this just let me know and I can let you know.
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