A few questions about my E6300 OC@3.0Ghz

Hello all,

Core 2 E6300 OC@3.0ghz, 7*430, 1.475v(see why below)
Asus P5K
1GB(1x1gb) Kingston single channel DDR800 5,5,5,15@1.95v
XFX 7900GT OC 256MB (factory OC)
Antec 550W PSU
Xfi Sound
Pioneer 18x DVD

I recently acuired the Asus P5K mobo, i just changed from an Asus p5b-v due to none-little overclocking capabilities bacause of the onboard VGA.

1. When running Orthos the first time, it would error out unless my Vcore was above 1.45v, also at this setting Cpu-z was reporting my voltage as 1.38 or there abouts. So i upped my Vcore to 1.475v which shows 1.42v in Cpu-Z and runs stable in Orthos for 12hrs. Do you think Cpu-z is accurate?

2. Even though i've stress tested this system for 12hrs with Orthos and 6hrs with 3dmark06 and they all pass with no issues it has been noted that one particular game i own by the name of Rainbow Six: Vegas, crashes without fail within 5-10mins and crashing can only be overcome by restoring BIOS defaults (I have saved my OC profile so i can restore it anytime i wish) Vegas in itself is known to be a buggy game, hopefully the release of the 1.05 patch will rectify this issue but i'm inclined to think my OC is crashing it, being crashing to desktop with no error message. Any suggestions or experiences?

3. My Kingston memory is Rated at 1.8v, i've got it at 1.95v, is pushing it to 2.0v going to cause issues? It has no heat spreader.

4. In numerous OC'ing guides i have read it says 'relax your 4,4,4,12 timings to 5,5,5,15 but if you have 5,5,5,15 memory already, what's their 'relaxed' timings?

My rig is stable all round except the game i mentioned. Temps under load are at a max of 55 Deg C. I have ordered a TT Big typhoon and should recieve it this week. It will bring the temps down. Using BIOS ver 0507.

If anyone could help me in answering some of these questions it would be greatly appreciated. :wink:

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  1. Sounds more like R6V is crashing due to your RAM OC....CPU crash will typically take the whole system down.

    I've always read DDR2 RAM is ALWAYS safe to push to 2.1V....many modules will easily run at 2.3V, and a few will take up to 2.5V without issue. I don't hink 2.0V is asking much.
  2. BTW - NOW is an excellent time to purchase RAM...prices have recently bottomed out, and within the last week or so, have shown signs they might begin to rise very soon. Act quickly, you can get a good 2GB kit for under $100, or a 4GB kit for under $250.

    Oh, and welcome to TG Forums 8)
  3. Hi I don't see this mentioned anywhere but did you lock your PCI-e to 100 and PCI to 33.3 especially with the X-fi which is rather sensitive to increased frequencies (hearsay :D ). Some games are affected by these timings and can cause your vidcard to reset crashing it to desktop.

  4. Hi,

    Thanks for the replies. I don't have the money to go out buying mem at this time however i have decreased the overclock to 7*400 @2.8ghz making it in sync with the ddr800 and so the memory is not overclocked. This seems to be working fine for now, still have to test it out in that game though.

    In reply to morerevs:

    I have my PCI-E locked at 100mhz
    there is no option in my BIOS for pci frequency settings, Asus P5K.

  5. What did you do with the northbridge? how many volts?
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