No Beep, No Boot HELP!!!

I turned on my PC and everything came on except the display on the screen.(Icon says no Connection).

I opened the PC and the Fans were spinning, HD seems to be ok as it is making a spinning sound, Fan on Video Card is spinning but there is no LED light coming on the Mobo and there is no Beeping noise from the Mobo when I turn on.

I replaced the Mobo and PSU but it is still the same. but I was and still am a bit unsure about the Panel 2 config, I couldn't get them going but I changed around the cables and the PC Power came on.

I removed the battery for a minute and replaced it. I removed every possible part there is from the Mobo and reseated everything one by one to try to eliminate, when I removed the CPU I noticed that the Coolant Gel was a bit thin looking.

Is there anything else I should be doing when installing a new Mobo? All connections are solid and I don't want to be spending money on the wrong parts. Please Help ASAP.

The Display and the Cables are fine as they worked on another PC I have.

Could it be the CPU? Memory? Video Card?


Specs are 2x512 MB RAM
Intel Celeron 3Ghz
350W PSU 230v
128MB ATI Video Card
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  1. Work with the bare essensials, psu, cpu video card, memory. no harddrive, cd dvd or floopy. All your trying to do is boot into bios, if you can go there you are good to go as far as your mobo. Make sure when you power on you get an indication on your board, usually by a light on the board, also make sure all fans opperate, check the fan on your psu. All the reasons you had mentioned are all good possibilites. It also depends on how old your system is. You could have a bad psu which cannot support the system anymore, but will allow enough juice to opperate the fans and such. usually you will get nothing when your board is bad, nothing at all on your monitor, just a black screen, and a yellow indicator on your monitor. Do you have any beeps durning the boot process, and if you do, try and remember what they are. All the beeps should indicate what might be the problem with your system. You need to remove the cmos battery for at least ten minutes. Make sure "all" system power is off. Make sure your board is not touching any part of the case, your video card is secure, this to include your memory. If you have another video card or memory that you can use try changing them out. Your psu is another major factor, if at all possible try changing that out as well. Find out what your board is, asus whatever, but you might be able to go to there sight and get more information. I am assuming you have access to another computer, going to other forums is also another option. Try "tech support forum" I have had good luck using that forum. You will have to have all information about your computer. System information required. Being you are not able to get into and access this information, you will have to do some research. I too had such a problem that I fixed by resetting my clrtc, this clears cmos. It consists of a jumper that is located on the mobo. you need to get a mobo manual, this you should be able to do by going to the mobo site on the net. You must make sure power is off, and that you reset the jumper. Removing the battery is done along with the jumper reset. Anyway, after doing all this I installed my memory, video card and power switch, all else must be removed, including all wires to the panel except the power on switch (wire). The panel is a series of connectors on the mobo used to hook up all those little wires that come with the tower. I turned on power and clicked on the delete key on the keyboard in order to get into bios. To my surprise the monitor indicator was green and the system booted into bios. I now have to reset my bios, but that is not a problem at this point. Good luck. My problem was also a blank screen at boot, all fans and lights worked, but would not boot, just a black screen of death.
  2. Donk here again, I read a little further and noticed your only using 350w, it really sounds as though you are not getting enough out of your psu. You may seriously want to upgrade to at least 500 or 550w. If I was stuck with this problem, that would be the first thing I would do, try using a bigger psu for sure.
  3. hi all..

    i also facing exactly the same problem..cpu is running but no display at all..even the mouse and the keyboard is out..that is after i installed 320GB hard disk SATA2 and a LG 18X DVD-RW my power is not enough to support all the sata or is there any SATA configuration i should do..

    sitting duck for a week....

    amdx2 4800+ 2.4Ghz
    gigabyte MA69G-S3H MOBO
    gigabyte 8600gt 256mb DDR3
    2 X 1Gb corsair 667 RAM
    400W Icute PSU
    320 Hitachi hdd SATA 2(Vista)
    250G Maxtor hdd SATA 1(secondary)
    LG 18X DVD-RW
    20" 206BW samsung monitor..
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