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I was just wondering if it is possible for my desktop which is connected to the internet via LAN to send some wireless signals so that my laptop can connect to it and allow the laptop to go online?

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  1. Get a wireless router.
  2. ^+1, or wired router if you want high speed.
  3. lol, not sure if that is possible ;) need to be 'discreate' if u know what i mean.... is there any way I can get a wireless dongle wich i can place on to the desktop computer and get my laptop to connect to that and share the internet connection from my desktop ?
  4. Yes, but Windows ICS is a PITA to setup.
  5. lol, what does that mean ? Is there a guide somewhere I can follow ?
  6. Pain In The A**. A small wireless router like this would be just as discrete.
  7. thanks :D
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