LPT1/COM1/COM2 Printer Ports Missing

Hi All,

I am having a problem with my printer ports. There does not appear to be the LPT or COM ports for me to select. This makes it impossible to attach a local printer to this computer. Also, the "local port type" does not exist when I try to create a new port.

I inherited this computer, so I do not know what happened to caused this to wipe.

I have checked the BIOs/Device Manager, all LPT and COM ports are enabled and drivers are installed.

I have checked the drivers, all are working.

I have checked the registry, the correct drivers are mapped.

I even did a Print Migration from a computer (exactly the same hardware/setup) that had all ports shown, and STILL the LPT and COM ports do not appear on this system.

I am using Microsoft Windows XP Pro Ver 2002 with Service Pack 3.

This is a Dell Precision PWS670 Dual Core if that matters.

Thanks for your help.

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  1. What make/model of printer? What type of connection to the printer?
  2. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    Are the ports activated in the device manager?
  3. Hi All,

    Thanks for looking.

    Yes, ports are activated BIOS and shown in Device Manager.

    Any local printer cannot be installed. The one that I am currently using is a HP1100, but I cannot even install a postscript printer because a lpt port is needed.

  4. Here is a couple of links to look at and see if there is anything helpful in them.


  5. Check in the firewall and your antivirus program.
  6. Here is a screen shot of the server properties in the print spooler.

    Notice... there are no local ports... LPT/COM/File are all missing.

    AND the "local" port type is missing.

  7. You're looking at the "Print Server" Properties and not the "Printer Properties".
  8. Yes... I know. But you to see the available ports for all printers on this computer. There are no local ports.
  9. I saw that and I tried it out. Am I doing something wrong?

  10. Looks OK. Have you checked that localspl.dll actually exists (it'll be in C:\Windows\System32)? Possibly it's been corrupted and needs to be replaced.
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