best way to dual boot with 3+ HDs?

I am building a machine and considering 2 options for my hard drive setups:
1) 2 74gb wd raptors in RAID 0 and 1 750gb wd storage drive, for total of 900gb.
2) 4 500gb wd drives in RAID 10, for total of 1tb.

I do a lot of gaming so I will be running WinXP for now and a lot of development so i will need a small Slackware partition.

Now my question is, for both setups above, how would you suggest I partition the drives granted the linux partition need not be larger than 50gb.

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  1. 1 a) Put XP on the raptors in raid 0, install Linux on the 750.
    b) (Screw raid) XP on one raptor and Linux on the other... split the 750 -375gig storage for XP/375 storage for Linux

    2 no options here, divide the drive in the size you want for dual boot.
    -so two 250 gig partitions or whatever you want = 500 gig. (say 425gig for XP and 75gig for Linux)

    ****If this is your home machine i would do this:
    (Screw raid) XP on one raptor and Linux on the other... split the 750 -375gig storage for XP/375 storage for Linux(or whatever you feel is needed)
  2. you might want to take a look at this article....

    Dual Boot RAID Windows and Linux :: Preparation is the key _raid_windows_and_linux
  3. unless you really have specific need for raid 0 (meaning media editing, transferring large files, disk thrashing, or other similar disk intensive tasks), its probably better to go without it for the otherwise small benefit, plus youll most likely have less of a headache too incase something goes wrong somewhere down the line
  4. Hi, I also have a very similar problem so I was thinking I should just ask from this post

    I have 2 WD 150gb raptors in raid 0 and 1 wd 500gb storage drive
    What I want to do is make 250gb of the raid 0 vista and 50gb linux then for the storage drive 400gb vista and 100gb linux

    I know how to split up the raid0, but then how do I make 400gb of storage drive go to vista and 100gb go to linux?

    any help appreciated :wahoo:
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