For the last time if it shuts down again i will beat it

hello. i have an aspire 3100 and it is pissing me off. when ever i try to run a virus scan like malewarebytes it goes unresponsive and then a message pops up saying that windows isnt responding and my comp either shuts down or restarts :cry: and i cant get any thing done. also my hard drive only has like 8 gigs left and i have done disk clean up multiple times and it doesn't do anything. i am getting angry lol plz help or offer suggestions. and another question (woop ee) is user account control reliable for protecting your comp from unwanted changes? :fou:
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  1. Sounds like you are infected many of the recent virii will disable the well known AV packages and keep them and Task Manager from running correctly -- best bet is to use another system to download a new version of an AV product (I usually use Spybot Search and destroy for this type of fix) also be sure to get the new definition file while downloading - then place them both on a thumbdrive - go back to your system and do a safe mode boot (this will normally keep the virus from loading) once it boots into safe mode install and run spybot and see what it finds.
  2. i did the spybot scan with the safe mode and nothing came up is it just that my processor is so F$%#@$ slow or ......
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