Windows xp professional 0503 part number x09-72988

Windows xp professional version 2002 0503 part number x09-72988. Does this version have sp2 on it?
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  1. Look on the top level folder of the CD for files named win51ic.SP1, win51ic.SP2 & win51ic.SP3. The highest number is the Service Pack level.
  2. Thanks for the reply. My xp is not installed .I have the unopened cd and want to know if it has sp2 before I try to install it.
  3. If it's unopened, it should state somewhere on the packaging what service pack level it comes with... no markings means no service packs. How old is the package?
  4. There is nothing about service packs on the package. It has ver 2002 and a Microsoft date range of 1984-2006 on it
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