What is Best Flickr Pics Organizer & Up-loader??

I have all my Family Pics Archived on 12 Picasa accounts, but i now want Single account to backUp My Family Pics of last 15 years.

So ill be Buying Flickr Pro to BackUp All my Family Pics from Picasa to Flickr Pro,

But the Problem is Flickr is Not Easy to Organize Like Picasa Web & One More thing is I can't Find a Good Picture Uploading & Organizing Desktop Software Like Picasa for Flickr.

PLZ TELL ME A GOOD DESKTOP Origination & Uploading Software for Flickr.

Waiting for your Responses.
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  1. I would just point out, that u should back up your pics to DVD's as well.

    Cost a few bucks and if anything goes wrong with the online services, the important thing is that u have solid back up @ home too.
  2. I'm creating 3 backUps...
    Picasa Web
  3. OK : )
  4. BUMP... well no one to answer?
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