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I have recently had a virus/ Malware called Malware defnse i got rid of it running AVG 9 scanner in safe mode but when i tried logging back in every couple of minutes IE pops up in My task manager advertising some products (i cannot see it pop up but it dose as i have witnessed in my task manager) my external hard drive is not recognizing and its becomeing a real pain to try and get rid of this is probablly my last resort on how to find out how to get rid of this so please help!!!!
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  1. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
  2. ^ +1
    Boot into safe mode with networking. Download, install, and update malwarebytes. Do a full system scan.

    Avira is a very good AV as well. When used in conjuntion with malwarebytes, they'll clean most anything.
  3. i had downloaded malware bytes in regular mode and it wont load up is there a difference if i do it in safe mode and also my ie keeps on popping up with backround advertisments and i can't see if it popped up unless i go to task manager i see the ie keeps on popping up and if it pops up to much my computer it will freeze and i will have to shut it off it really bugs the crap out of me i tried scanning with avast in safe mode it took out 3 viruses but thats it so any suggestions?
  4. Try RKILL first.
  5. If i were you I would just reformat when you have a empty day
  6. There is a big difference when running in normal mode vs safe mode with networking. When you boot into safe mode with networking, only the bare minimum programs start. There's less chance of an infected program starting up. If you download, install, and update malwarebytes in safe mode with networking, you'll have less interference from current infections.
  7. well the infected programs and what not still popped up when i was in safe mode so i got so pissed i took apart my PC and took out the hard drive and put it in the external hard drive and scanned it with Malware bytes and AVG on my laptop and it solved the problem but now i want to install macafee and it wont let me because it failed to or something.....(i get the full version because i have AT&T as a internet comp. otherwise i'd b using something else) but i have macafee secuirity center install but it dosen't really work and i can't uninstall it so any suggestions? i really need a good anti virus m(full version) so i never get this *** again
  8. Try Avira. I would use this over Macafee anyway.
  9. Start your PC in Safe mode with Networking. Donwload TDSSKiller tool from Kaspersky website. Unzip it and follow the prompts. This tool will remove trojan-rootkit that actually blocks everythinkg in your PC. Then just run a system scan with malwarebytes anti-malware or superantispyware. More information about Malware defence removal can be found here Good luck!
  10. well i want a program that will work fonomally and will be the full version not just the free edition. Cuase i would pick AVG but i would have to pay for the full version for Macafee i get the full thing free from ATT
  11. If it makes any difference, I have a $70 version of Norton 360. I also use Avira. Avira catches as much, if not more, than Norton. The advantage to using a robust program like norton 360, are the extra features, such as data backup, system optimization, 24/7 support. None of the features are worth the added cost IMO. I only use it because my roommate purchased it, and I wanted to compare.
  12. lol nice Aford10 i actually did my own experiment on web browser my Flock vs Google Chrome and i believe it was Google chrome that won but idk....... makes sense..... ill think about Avira, but in your opinion wat is the best anti virus?
  13. I have no complaints about Avira. It would get my vote. Avast is another quality program.
  14. i tried avast to get rid of the virus i had but didn't get it...... so ill try avira thank u a bunch!
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