Connecting a Wireless Router to My ::ahem:: neighbors WiFi Internet

I want to mod my xbox1 to serve as a media (primarily music) server connected to my stereo and TV. I would like to be able to add/move songs to it from either of my two WiFi enabled laptops. I would also like the xbox1 to have access to the internet (for RSS feeds, or to stream to web browser players remotely)

I understand I'll need a wireless router (or do I need a hub?) in order to create a wireless network for my two laptops and the xbox (to share files). The xbox will have a direct Ethernet connection to the router.

NOW, currently I connect to a WiFi internet connection that is NOT MY OWN. I understand thats not "legal". It belongs to either a local business, a close neighbor, or possibly its the free city wifi (i just moved downtown).

Can I get a wireless router (suggestions on model?) to connect to this "free" WiFi network, as if it was direct-plugged into a modem through the uplink port?

Alternatively, could the xbox use the WiFi connection that one of my laptops is connected to to access the internet? Wouldn't this require my laptop to be connected to both me neighbor's wifi AND my wireless router? Although, I would like the xbox to be able to connect to the internet without one of the laptops turned on or even in the house.

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  1. You need to find a wireless router (more appropriately called Access Point, AP) that will act/pretend as an AP to the wireless network you are trying to connect. In other words, that wireless network has, say, many AP's and you need to make your AP as one of them. I am assuming this wireless network has high end AP's like Cisco.

    If you are connecting to a dumb-AP (consumer class) operated wireless network, I don't know/wanna give the answer to this.

    In any case, research/google on 'rogue ap' 'rogue sta'. Read info on HostAP, currently at
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