Formatted hard drive no sound Sound & audio tells me I have no audio device

Formatted hard drive no sound Sound & audio tells me I have no audio device I'm running an E machine
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  1. Sounds like you have lost the driver for your audio card. Try going to the control panel / system, click the hardware tab and then device manager. In that list look for "sound, video and game controllers, it will probably have a yellow exclamtion point next to it showing that the driver is not working properly. If you have an aftermarket sound card you should be able to find the drivers on the cd that came with it, if not you will have to go to the manufacturers website to download the appropriate driver.
  2. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    What mobo and OS do you have?
  3. I have an E machine ,Had Vista ,but I downgraded to XP got a bug and my AVG found it in my audio , and deleated it.after that I went to the control pnl and checked audio devices and it told me Ihave no device, guess I should have bought a dell . I thought I could change the sound board but when I opened the tower ,the sound is part of the mother board .no card...I tryed to download a new driver but my CP couldnot see it .I think I know about Computers ,enough to get myselfe in trouble.I hope you have some Ideas .
  4. Ok, give me the brand and model of the E-machine that you have. All the motherboards have audio integrated, like your rig or mine.
  5. Brand-e Machines(et1161-07-9000 ) .Board - (e Machines MCP61PM-GM 2.2)
    Serial # OEM
  6. thanks guys I worked it out . I downloaded a program called Driver Detective ,
    ran it and it found a driver for my audio . installed it and i'm in business .thanks for the help .................
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