Virus hides my hard drives and Fonts

Hi there, sorry I don't normaly ask questions about viruses and dont even know if I am able to here?

I had a virus a little while ago that just crashed a movie i was watching and came up with like 20 errors stating Hard drive failure as it is fragmented, and then came up with a windows looking program saying it was scanning, i closed this and went to open a scanner and low and behold the blue screen of death appeared,

so i booted in safe mode and it still happend, 20 errors all saying the same thing so i tried to open a scanner again and all the buttons had no font on them. turns out every applicaiton i open has no text.

so i went to my D drive and everything was gone, or so i thought but i ran dos and unhide everything on my computer and it turns out they were all just hidden, i went to my fonts folder and it said i had 400mb in there but nothing was there, i checked folder options and they were not hidden,

i ran R kill to disable to errors and i am still trying to figure out how to run a scanner most of them i have tried i can not see any buttons on them due to the font, one i can use is Maelware scanner but after a 2 hour complete scan nothing shown up.

has any one had this virus or knows how i can scan it from another computer or anything at all. ( i cant take the hard drive out as it is in a lap top and my other pc is a desktop)
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  1. Create an AVG rescue disc.

    You boot off the disc, instead of the hard drive, and it'll scan your drive.
  2. you are a life saver... thanks so much... did not want to restore back to 2009
  3. You're welcome. Once you've used that rescue disc, you may want to run thru the malware guide in my signature, just to make sure your system is clean.
  4. yeah i ran 3 diff virus boot disks, all crashed, so i ran Ubuntu off a cd and installed avg ran a scan of my windows drives found a few viruses, i removed them booted windows and looked all well.

    accept the blue screen still happens. its when i open something like firefox... god i hate this crap
  5. Look in the event viewer, to see if there is an error that corresponds to the blue screen.

    If there was a system file that was infected, and removed, you may need to repair your windows install, using your OS disc.
  6. Hi,

    Try following the steps in this virus/malware removal guide:

    It contains instructions that will remove most malware infections. If you have any questions, just ask me. I hope this helps you.

  7. If anyone else gets something like this virus its called AV Security Suit.
    it was a mother fu**er to remove.. I tried boot disks of all sorts and nothing so i booted Ubuntu from usb then downloaded AVG with sudo scanned found where they were located removed from file and then booted in safe mode into windows then ran cc cleaner cleared the font cache then rebooted so i could actualy read programs that im installing lol. then removed from the registry once all was clean i deleted my downloads folder just incase, this was from a movie i believe as both times it happend to me and a friend we were watching a movie we each sepretly downloaded. be careful.
  8. Thanks for the update!
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