Can't share wireless internet connection

- I have a network connected with "switch". Network/File Sharing works
- Main computer has a "wireless" adapter can connect to internet
- OS is Win XP

I am trying to "share" this internet connection to network but when I do

- Network Connections > Wireless Network Connection > Properties > Advanced > Allow other network users to connect through...

It says "...A Lan connection is already configured with the IP adress.." and
can't share the connection

No other device or computer has this ip:

Switch ip range is: 169.X.X.50 and above
Wireless ip range is: and above
Main Computer wireless has the ip of :
Main Computer Lan(Switch) ip is 169.X.X.59

Note: Local Area Connection Requires Manual Ip to be entered in order to work to TCP/IP settings - Obtain Ip Automaticaly won't work

What is wrong?

Thanks a lot...
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  1. Easiest way to fix this is to get a wireless router and run all computers off of it. It will handle DHCP. You also wont have to run the one computer so the others can use the internet.

    What you need to do is setup Internet Connection Sharing or ICS.
    More info here..
  2. Thank you for your answer,

    but still couldn't find the solution

    Thanks again.
  3. what you want to do is go into the network connections and bridge the connections, then you will want to select the ip address for the lan that you want to create. after you have done that, change the ip, subnet, default gateway, and possibly the dns all to the ip of of the card directly connected to the lan. i did this and managed to get my xbox to get on live.
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