Windows XP Not detecting my SATA Hard Drive

Gday guys, So I was bored today and began creating a old Pentium 4 System out of old PC parts around the house.
Now, I have assembled everything and have tested all the parts and all are working fine, However when I go to install Windows XP on the machine it will not detect the Hard Drive (On the Partition Screen). Now I thought it may be a hard drive problem so I connected the hard drive up to my current PC and ran the XP Installation fine.

However, Now when I try to boot the XP I installed on the hard drive off of my other system it will get to the splash screen and restart, so I turned off automatic restart on system failure and I get the 0x0000007B Stop error. So I retried the XP installation on the system again, got to the Partition and Hard Drive selection screen and still no Hard Drive to be seen, I plugged in a USB and it detected it fine.

I have tried booting in safe mode & every option under F8, However it just restarts on the XP splash screen, And as I said the hard drive seems fine as it comes up in bios and my main PC ran it fine, So I'm beginning to think that i'm in need of my motherboards SATA Drivers or something.

Any help would be appreciated & if you need anymore information just let me know :D
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  1. If it's a SATA drive you may well need drivers for it for XP. And it's not surprising that it won't boot an XP installation from another computer.

    Alternatively, have you tried changing the SATA mode to IDE in the BIOS?
  2. Ah, I was unable to find that option in the BIOS, Any idea on where it would be hiding?
    Bios is AmericanTrends v 2.58
  3. I believe on AMI BIOS that's in a section called "IDE Configuration". If not it's under "Integrated Peripherals" on many BIOSes.
  4. The only thing with IDE is IDE Configuration and their is IDE Master and Slave.
    However when I open it their is only one that can detect my hard drive and their is no option to change between SATA and IDE.
  5. Have you had a look at the website of your m/b manufacturer to see if there are any drivers available?
  6. Yeah got the SATA Drivers. Am I able to install them off of a USB? Or will I have to use something like nLite?
  7. If you don't have a floppy drive then I think you need nLite for XP. With a floppy it's just a case of pressing F6 during boot, but I don't think the XP install disk supports CDs or USB drives for this purpose.
  8. Fixed it, it was the SATA drivers, downloaded them and edited my XP Install with nLite. Burnt the new ISO to a dvd and it picked up my Drive straight away, installing atm.

    Thanks for your help man.
  9. Andy
    I trying to install windows xp on acer aspire with a sata hardrive and wndows is not recognizing the drive i partioned the drive but windown can't find it thanyou
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