Dont know..whether the problem is spyware or registries..!!

hi guys,

ok i got a problem..hoping i can explain it...while using my PC an error pops says that my Hard disk space is less need to clean or format the drive..but the problem is my hard disk space is free upto 130 GB's...this error appears now on regular basis..& there are some registries errors also pops up.. got any ideas..!!

Thanks in advance. :)
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  1. Take a look in the System Windows eventlog (Start-Run-eventvwr)
    Post any red errors you see in this forum....
  2. Dude,

    I think spyware is acting in ur PC ..may be it comes 4m internet while u r surfing..& now its affecting registries also..u should fully scan ur PC & delete any spyware threat if found any.. & also scan for distorted regs...!! There is this one application named Advanced System Optimizer..its tool System Protector helps u in scanning & deleting spyware & Registry Cleaner & Optimizer for cleaning distorted regs..try it.. i m also using it for regular maintenance for my PC..!! It also contains some other useful cleaners & optimizers that can fix ur PC & increase its performance..!! dis is da best cleaning tool i used so far..!!

    It is available at Cnet site.
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