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I own the Western Digital 1TB External Harddrive. It houses all of my media, data, backups, etc. I use transcoder360 to stream all my video from the HD over usb, then over the gigabit LAN to the XBOX 360; all so i can watch movies on my TV. I get brief skips in the video, and audio corruption.....
My Question is:

I have a free PCI-E x1 port on my motherboard (last availible slot). Would the extra bandwidt of getting a firewire 800 PCI-Ex1 card solve my problems? or is the bottleneck elsewhere. Im running a core2@ 2.4 and 2 gigs of pc8500 RAM.
Any links to FIREWIRE 800 vs USB real world speed would be appreciated, google didnt help me much......
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  1. Firewire 400 is actually faster than USB 2.0 in many applications even though the USB 2.0 has a slightly higher peak speed. Firewire 800 is significantly faster. I'll see if I can find a benchmark or something.
  2. The graph was for macs, but it talks about pc's below the graph.
  3. WOW! AVG read and write speed is considerably faster....i think ill go ahead and purchase the pci-Ex1 card for fire wire 800. thxs for your help!
  4. I do not really follow FireWire, but I presume this issue was fixed?

    I would attempt to make sure of this prior to spending your cash.
    But FireWire800, SHOULD be faster, so long as Windows stays out of the way.
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