Really nervous about my first time build.....

so I'm kind of torn about what to do. Although I have done quite a bit of research, I am still very nervous about my first build, the parts of which I intend to order next month. Although I technically have about 800 dollars or so that I've allotted to building a pc, that's a lot of money for me, being an unemployed high school student. I'd feel alot more comfortable spending more around the 650-700 dollar range for my first time. I am aware the need for an OS cuts that down to about 550-600 dollars for actual parts. Can I still build a respectable gaming rig for that amount, capable of recording (with fraps) most modern games at high settings (with the exception of BF3 multiplayer, I guess)? Is there any way I can maintain solid upgradability at 700 dollars?

Also, what do you think the odds of success (without any problems/rma/unexpected problems) are for a first timer? : / Sorry if this sounds dumb....I'm just really nervous about this. Been saving every penny for two years and I'm absolutely terrified I'll screw something up and be out the money XD
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  1. as long as you do the research and triple check your compatabilities you should be fine. we have quite a few helpful individuals in the \systems\homebuilt\ subsection who can even list exact parts to buy.

    you can probably build a rig that will run on high settings but you definitely only want a 1920x1080 monitor. the trouble with budget rigs is that they do not last as long without an upgrade then picking higher end parts from the get go.

    your best bet is to use coupons, sale events or other ways to lower prices on components.

    do you have any parts picked out? you can list them here.

    what all do you need? just the box or do you need perepherals too?
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