Need Help On Build

I'm a first time builder who decided to build my own system
for the fun of it and to save money. I have minor computer
experience, enough to fix most simple problems, but right now
I'm at wits end.

I recently put together a bare bones setup with my first order
from Tiger, and when I put everything together and
plugged it in for the first time, nothing happened. No fans, no
beeps. At first I wasn't that concerned since I thought it was
my power source. A friend recommended testing it using a paper clip
and when I did that the power source seemed to be working fine.
What could be wrong? I took necessary precautions
while installing the motherboard, but I worry it may be damage from
myself handling it. Is there any way to test this, short of replacing
the board or returning it?

A list of my components so far follows. Any help would be GREATLY
appreciated. Thanks.

Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.40GHz

XFX nForce 680i LT ATX Motherboard

Ultra / X-Finity / 600-Watt / ATX Power Supply

Sony NEC Optiarc SuperMulti (AD-7170A) OEM DVD Burner

WD Caviar 250GB SATA-3G HD 7200

Corsair TWINX 2048MB PC6400 DDR2 800MHz
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  1. I doubt you damaged anything. At least the fans should spin. You could try shorting the power switch pins to see if you have a bad front panel power switch (with a flat screw driver or something.)
  2. Thanks for the help conroe,

    but it looked to be that I screwed in my motherboard too tight into the case.
    Or at least that's what I imagine, since when I removed it from the case
    and started it up laying by itself, I got a different reaction, and a different problem.

    Now when plugged in, and the switch is flipped on the power source, two lights
    go on near the power connector for the motherboard, one green and one blue.
    No fans turned on, so I got spooked and unplugged it. So far only power for
    the board, processor, and the power switch are plugged in. No noises. Can
    anyone guide me as to what to do next? Or is that a sign that the motherboard
    is damaged?

    Any help would be much appreciated.
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