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Please help with iTunes

Hi, I have purchased 4 tunes from iTune recently and would like to add more eventually.
My problem: It seems that I can't transfer the ones I have bought to Windows Media Player. From there I would like to shorten the space between each tune.
Somewhere I read, that they are DRM encoded and that I would have to buy a program (Aimersoft) to remove the code in order to transfer to media player. Have downloaded the trial version and now it works but only for 1 minute unless I purchase the program.
Now I read that” iTunes Plus” is the norm for the last few years and that the tunes are no longer DRM encoded.
I have updated my account in iTunes to "Plus" but I still can't see how to get the tunes into the Win. Media Player. Also, I have read that I would have to update the tunes I have bought recently to convert to “Plus” which is .30 cents more @ tune. That's OK, but I can't see how to do it. Right clicking the “Buy” Icon does not give me that option.
Also, if I decide to purchase more from iTunes, I'm not sure if they are the Plus kind. I can't see any difference.
At this point I'm very confused. Can anybody give me some information? Thanks in advance.
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  1. Hi anken,

    Is there any reason to use Win media player?

    Try VLC player and play everything with that @
  2. Hi nikorr,
    I wanted to use Win Media Player because it's already on the computer.
    I was able to transfer the tunes from iTunes straight to a Flash Drive but wanted to use Media Player in order to revamp and minimize the sometimes long pause between tunes.
    Thank you for the link to filehippo. Will look into it. I'm still confused about what is or is not iTunes Plus or how to be able to tell the difference.
    Thanks for your help. Ann
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    Apple doesn't make it easy to use their downloaded songs on other software.

    The easiest way to use your itunes music outside of itunes, is to back them up to a CD, and then rip the CD.
    File > Library > Back up to Disc
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  5. I will use the CD's to transfer. It's too bad that iTunes is making it so difficult.
    Thank you for your advice. Ann
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