Overclocking E6600 On Intel D975XBX2 Mobo

I'm using an Artic Cooler 7 Pro Fan. I can't overclock past 2.7 Ghz, but i'm not raising the CPU voltage or anything else. Even If I do raise the voltage I can't get past 2.7 without the computer shutting off.
This is what I can change in the Intel Bios and the current settings:

CPU Voltage Override <Default>
Enhanced Power Slope <Disabled>
Front Side Bus Override <1.250>
MCH/ICH Voltage Override <1.525>
Processor Multiplier <9>
Host Clock Frequency <300> (I can't get any farther with out Computer shutting off>
Processor Speed <2.70 GHz>

EVERYTHING is stock EXCEPT the Host Clock Fequency. Please tell me what I need to change so I can overclock further. PLEASE HELP.
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  1. plz anyone??
  2. tell us all of your components and what temperatures your getting

    *download speed fan to see ur temps
    *and download cpu-z its very helpful and a must
  3. You gotta turn a bunch of auto crap off. Disable all the garbage. Then start your overclock. And if you get reboots, it's almost ALWAYS instability, which is almost always related to voltages that are too low. But the question is: which voltages? vcore, vdimm, mch....those are the most problematic and common in that order
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