Easy Tune Says: CPU below ambient

I just built my computer. I'm running a Gigabyte p965 DS3 rev 1.3 with a e4300 and a Tuniq Tower.
I have a back 120 mm fan and a front 90 mm fan. The front 90 mm fan is connected to the sys fan connecter on the Mobo. The back fan is connected directly to the PSU. On easytune, it says CPU fan is at 0 rpm (which is correct), the system fan is ~2000 and the CPU temp is below ambient (22 C). The only fan that is actually running is the back 120 mm fan and the graphics card fan. What is going on?
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  1. wow wiered, try a bio update, there is prberly a utility on the DS3 disc.

    alos i recommed that you plug your output fan into the motherboard and have your font fan running off the motherboard, that way there is alway enough air circulating. make sure you have plugged the fan in the right slots and set the fan to run at a miminuim speed in bios
  2. I restarted and entered the bios, and all fans went on. Then I booted up, and all fans were still on. Then, when I turned on easytune, the CPU fan turned off. LIke... WTF? EAsytune says teh current MHZ is 1200 some.
    LOL... now (while I was writing this post) CPU fan turns on and MHz in easytune says 1799.96 (which should be normal).
    Again... WTF?
  3. ARGH. Now I see that the reason (probably) that the CPU fan turned back on was that EAsytune froze and I had to force quit it.
    Dobby, I can't hook the front and back fan to the mobo because it only has 1 Sys FAn connector.
    Maybe I should stop running easytune because it shuts off the CPU fan.
  4. The CPU fan keeps turning back on and off. I think it's fighting to turn on because it stutters. Maybe it's broken or it's not getting enough volts?
  5. ****, CPUz says the CPU is at 1200MHz, so is it throttling? Speedfan says both cores are below ambient. I'm going to shut down and work on another computer. Plz help!
  6. UPDATE:

    Turned off auto fan control in BIOS. Now I have full control of the HS fan.

    Figured out where the second heatsink fan connector goes.

    Since disabling the fan controller in the BIOS makes the fan work continuously, does that mean that the fan controller turned off the fan simply because the temps were so low? So perhaps there was nothing wrong with the HSF?

    Those problems are solved, but both speedfan and Easytune are detecting the CPU temp to be below ambient!
    On top of that, MY CPU IS RUNNING AT 1200 MHz!!!!!!!!!

    P.S. 1200 MHz Core 2 is a helluva lot faster than my previous computer with a Pentium 4 1.6 GHz Williamette Core.
  7. 6Th post in a row!
    I'm an idiot. It's just INtel's speedstep tech that's downclocking the processor. Now, my only problem is that Speedfan and Easytune register my processor at below ambient temperatures.
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